OS 19 carros mais bizarros que alguma vez existiram :O

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From the weirdest, wacky vehicles, to unusual design choices that will make your head spin; These are the MOST Bizarre Car Designs EVER !

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6. Messerschmitt KR200
Also called the Cabin Scooter or Kabinroller in German, the Messerschmitt KR200 is what is known as a bubble car, which is just a smaller, economy microcar--usually referring to cars made during the 50 and 60s. This cabin scooter was designed by Fritz Fend, who was an aircraft engineer from Germany. It stands on 3 wheels and is a 1 door coupe. There were about 40,000 cabin scooters ever manufactured, which only lasted between the years 1955 to 1964. The one you see in this photo is the Kabrio, which comes with a folding top.

5. Peel p50
Also a 3 wheeled microcar is the Peel p50, which was manufactured during the years of 1962 to 1965. According to the Guinness World Records, the p50 is the smallest production car that has ever been made, and you could really tell that just by a glance. It measures at 54 inches long and 39 inches wide--how does anyone even fit in that? These cars were produced by the Peel Engineering Company based in the Isle of Man, designed by Cyril Cannell. There’s no reverse gear provided, though you really can just move it yourself if you need to.

4. The Ferrari 512 S Modulo
With every futuristic car, it seems to be getting closer and closer to something you could easily imagine making interplanetary trips. But if this looks more like vintage sci-fi, think the original Star Wars trilogy or something like that, then you wouldn’t be that far off. This Ferrari 512 S Modulo was produced in 1970. This car didn’t just stop as a cool concept either, it’s actually a pretty prominent car used for racing.

3. The Steinwinter Supercargo
Speaking of ultra flat vehicles, this is the Steinwinter Supercargo, which is known better for the vehicle part of it than the huge storage area that sits over it. Specifically, this is the Steinwinter Supercargo 2040 cab, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1983. And though this would have been a cool, new way to go about your job as a truck driver, the design didn’t prove very popular in the industry. On top of that, there were apparently a lot of maneuvering problems. The thing even came with climate control and was made to decrease aerodynamic drag, but that didn’t seem to be enough to make it a widely used model.

2. General Motors Firebird 1 XP-21
Want to make an interesting design for a car? Make it a boat or a UFO. Or better yet, make it a plane. This one is the 1953 General Motors Firebird, which was engineered for the Motorama auto shows back in the 50s. Harley Earl is credited with the design of this one and Earl was clearly inspired by fighter aircraft when developing the Firebird. There’s now way this was ever supposed to be a widely manufactured model, so really the purpose lies in the design and innovation that went into making one of these, which are now part of the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

1.The Maybach Exelero
The regular Maybach Exelero is already known a a high performance sportscar. And then 3D artist Khaled Alkayed took that already revered design and added a few of his own touches. Now instead of just looking like a sleek sportscar, it looks like it could withstand something of Mad Max proportions. In 2014, Alkayed was inspired to get as strange as he could with the Exelero. Do you think the Batmobile has anything on this one?
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