Top 10 dos Yachts mais luxuosos do mundo.

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We Ranked the Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts In The World 2017
Special thanks to DrDuu for some cool footage:

15 Most Expensive Yachts:

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We know you Aluxers are passionate about luxury yachts so it seemed obvious that we put together a top 10 most expensive yachts in the world video.

We'll be talking about prices for the world's most expensive yachts, who owns them and what do they do with them.

In this video, we'll be answering the following questions:
What is the most expensive yacht in the world?
Which are the 10 world's most expensive yachts?
How much does the most expensive yacht in the world cost?
What is the price of the most expensive yacht?
Who owns the most expensive yacht?
Which celebrity has the most expensive yacht?
Which is the longest yacht in the world?
How much does a yacht cost?
Which is the costliest yacht in the world?

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